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Wroclaw (dolnośląskie)

Description of Wroclaw

Find a hotel in Wroclaw today! Below we’ve displayed a selection of available hotels in Wroclaw. Looking for a cheap hotel in Wroclaw? Easily compare prices of the different hotels in Wroclaw here. You can find budget hotels in Wroclaw as well as luxury hotels. Most hotels in Wroclaw are located in the city center. Wroclaw is the economical, cultural and intellectual capital of Lower Silesia, located in southwestern Poland, 160 km from Germany and 120 km from the Czech Republic. The city with its charming historical center, parks, good restaurants, hotels and friendly people (700.000 inhabitants) is a pleasant place to visit and to do business. Visitors coming to Wroclaw remember the city mainly as a cultural centre. Its theatres, including the Opera, Musical Theatre and Philharmonic Hall; various clubs, museums and galleries provide a continuous series of artistic events. Internationally acknowledged musical festivals have become the city's cultural landmark. The biggest of them is International Festival WRATISLAVIA CANTANS - Music and Fine Arts. Wroclaw is a wonderful city of an interesting history and unique beauty. It is appreciated both by its inhabitants and visitors.

Hotels in Wroclaw

hotels stars location price ( / PLN)
Hotel Radisson SAS Wrocław City center126 €
Hotel Patio City center79 €
Hotel Europeum City center77 €
Hotel Bacero 8 km from the city center73 €
Hotel Wodnik Close to the city center61 €
Silfor Hotel Europejski City center57 €
Hotel Wieniawa 2 km from the city center41 €
Hotel Polonia City center36 €
Art Hotel City center0 €


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