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Łódź (łódzkie)

Description of Łódź

Reservation of hotels in Lodz. Best hotels in Lodz,situated in city centrum, easy online reservation. Lodz is the second-largest city (population 776,297 in 2004) of Poland, located in the centre of the country. It is the capital of the Lódz Voivodship. In 1423 king Wladyslaw Jagiello granted the village of Lódz with city rights. Although Lódz does not have any hills nor any big body of water, it is still possible to get close to nature in one of the many parks lying in the city. The most notable are Lagiewniki (the bigest "park in a city" in Europe).The main attraction of Lódz is Piotrkowska Street, stretching from North to South for a little over 4 kilometers. Recently renovated, it has many beautiful buildings dating back to the XIX century, in the architectural style of the Secession. Well worth visiting from late spring to early fall, strolling from one pub to another on Piotrkowska Street allows one to immerse oneself into the friendly atmosphere of this unique Polish city.

Hotels in Łódź

hotels stars location price ( / PLN)
Hotel Daria 5 min from the city center43 €
Hotel Ambasador Close to the city center46 €
Hotel Reymont City center48 €
Hotel Mazowiecki Almost city center51 €


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