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Malbork (pomorskie)

Description of Malbork

Online reservation of hotels in Malbork. Very good hotels in Malbork situated in city centrum. Wlecome to Malbork! Come and visit the castle of the Virgin Mary, the ancient capital of the Teutonic Order, the largest Gothic fortress in Europe, a UNESCO heritage site. Not without reason has Malbork Castle been called "the largest mountain of bricks north of the Alps". The fortress is stern, majestic, and at the same time beautiful, particularly when its walls are illuminated by the warm light of the sun setting over the river Nogat. Malbork is more than just a castle. It is situated in an exceptionally interesting region called Zulawy. The area was settled by Dutch Mennonites, who left a unique architecture of arcaded houses and a network of canals still called "Little Holland".

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