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Nowy Sącz (małopolskie)

Description of Nowy Sącz

Online reservation of hotels in Nowy Sącz. Nowy Sacz is situated on low- lying bottom of Kotlina Sadecka in fork of rivers Dunajec and Kamienica Nawojowska on about 300 m altitude. The oldest part of the city is on the flat hill between both river beds which possesses natural defensive virtues what decided about locate city thru King Waclaw II exactly in that place. Location in Kotlina Sadecka causes specyfic isolation Nowy Sacz from the others cities however communication route which runs here to South Europe caused that the city found in the Middle Ages favourable conditions to the development and commercial interchange - mainly with Hungary. Nowy Sacz is situated at the bottom of mountain massifs Beskid Sadecki, Beski Wyspowy and Beskid Niski and also in not to big distance from Jezioro Roznowskie what lifts up tourist virtues of city. In Nowy Sacz is good to see ruins of Zamek Krolewski ( XIV, XVII age) with scrap of urban fortification, collegiate basilica from XIV age with Gothic scrab, Renaissance tenement house of Lubomirskich- today public library and “Dom Gotycki”- seat of District Museum in Nowy Sacz.

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