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Rzeszów (podkarpackie)

Description of Rzeszów

Reservation of hotels in Rzeszow. We offer cheap and situated in city centrum hotels. Reservr hotel in Rzeszow! Rzeszow is an economic, scientific and cultural centre of southeastern Poland, the capital of the Podkarpackie Province and the seat of the Authorities of the Catholic Diocese. With an area of 54 Sq. Km. and population of about 163,000 it is one of the largest cities in this region. The location in the wide Wislok River valley, on the border of the Sandomierska Basin and the Carpathian Foothills, the two physical geographical units stand in contrast with each other, dividing the region into two parts differing in topography and nature.

Hotels in Rzeszów

hotels stars location price ( / PLN)
Hotel Eden 10 min from the city center28 €
Hotel Polonia City center28 €


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1 star

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