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Sandomierz (świętokrzyskie)

Description of Sandomierz

Reservation of hotels in Sandomierz. We propose good and cheap hotels in Sandomierz. Sandomierz - one of the most beautiful Polish cities, the cradle of the regional tourism. It is situated on the loess Sandomierz Upland, on the Vistula River near its confluence with the San River. The old town quarter surrounded by green old trees is situated on the scenic riverbank. Numerous architectural monuments coexist in harmony with nature: the loess ravines and terraced gardens. Sandomierz is a very old city. In the pre-historic times, it was a stronghold. Its convenient location at the junction of river waterways and land communication routes contributed to the town's fast development. In the town's granaries crops were stored, which were further transported by river to Gdansk. After the invasion of the Tartars the town was quickly reconstructed. These events gave rise to a legend about Halinka Krepianka, a daughter of the town's mayor. She rescued Sandomierz by deceiving Tartars, who besieged the town, and showing them a wrong passage to town. In reality, she directed them to dead-end dungeons, which were bricked up by townsmen, and the brave girl perished. The fast economic and cultural development of the town was hindered by the Swedish invasions in the 17th century. However, the splendour of Sandomierz was quickly restored an lasted until the times of the partitions of Poland. It was only in the 1930s that the town stood a chance to give a new incentive to the economic development. This chance was the Central Industrial Region. The town was the residing place of many eminent artists and scholars, and also it was here where tourism developed the fastest

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