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Siedlce (mazowieckie)

Description of Siedlce

Siedlce - the ancestral seat of the Oginski Family is presently the biggest city in Podlasie. The city is pictorially located among the hills of the Siedlce Upland, on the Muchawka River. The city arose at the intersection of trade trails. In 1557 as a village, New Siedlce won city laws from King Sigismund Augustus, confirmed in 1746 by Augustus III Wettin. Te best period of its development falls to the 18th century when the settlement was extended and the present urban layout was introduced. Since 1809 it had been the capital of the Warsaw Duchy department and subsequently the seat of the Polish Kingdom Guberniya. The convenient location near the railway line promoted the settlement's development. Among classicistic buildings the former Palace of the Oginskis, surrounded by a park, presently the seat of the Podlasie Diocese Episcopate distinguished itself. Close to the market-place we see the parish church with a classicistic façade. Right beside it - the city hall called "Jacek" with the figurine of Atlas on the tower houses the collections of a regional museum. The city's panorama is dominated by the towers of the neo-gothic cathedral with colourful stained-glass windows. On the Muchawka River's bay there is a holiday resort. Within the distance of 4 km westwards in the direction of Warsaw we shall find village Iganie - a battlefield of April 10th, 1831 during the November Uprising. The Polish troops led by gen. J. Pradzynski defeated the tsarist army. A monument in the battlefield.

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