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Stalowa Wola (podkarpackie)

Description of Stalowa Wola

Reserve a hotel in Stalowa Wola. Easy oline reservation of hotels in Stalowa Wola. Stalowa Wola – city is situated on the north podkarpackie province, in south – eastern Poland in fork of both rivers Wisla and Sanok. Population of city amount to 72 000 inhabitants. Stalowa Wola became in 1938 within the confines fruitions plans of Centralny Okrêg Przemys³owy like Zak³ady Po³udniowe ( since 1948 Huta Stalowa Wola), Power Plant Stalowa Wola and housing estate by plants. Civic rights gains in 1945. Pre-war years that’s the most dynamic development of city. The neighbourhood of Stalowa Wola that are areas about big tourist virtues. Abundance of old forests creates attractive natural environment and favours to development of tourism. In the city and in the neighbourhood is good to see: antique wooden church and cloister of capuchin order, team of parish church Matki Bozej Szkaplerznej.

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