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Starachowice (świętokrzyskie)

Description of Starachowice

Reservation of hotels in Starachowice. Easy online reservation of hotel in Starachowice. Starachowice ( before Wierzbnik) this is the city in part of Gory Swietokrzyskie. Is in valley of Kamienna river and is fringed with big number of forests, which are remains of Puszcza Swietokrzyska. By the early years 90’ it was a important industrial centre. There was among others Factory of trucks ’’Star’’. Clear air, attractive areas connecting with interesting places ( views parks, Polish Larch Reserve on Chelmowa Gora, wildlife reserves “Rosochacz” and “Skaly pod Adamowem”) are covers with labelled pedestrian and cycle route. Annually since several dozen years on this routes are routes of Polish Rajdy Swietokrzyskie too. In region is good to see: monastic unit oo. Cystersow in Wachock-this is one of two in Kielecczyzna the best conservation monuments the highest class on a global scale. Modern Sanktuarium Matki Boskiej Bolesnej, Krolowej Polski, Ziemi Swietokrzyskiej, cloister oo. Benedyktynow on Swietym Krzyzu.

Hotels in Starachowice

hotels stars location price ( / PLN)
Hotel Europa 2 km from the city center72 €
Hotel Senator City center68 €


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