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Welcome to Poland

Name: Rzeczpospolita Polska

Capital: Warsaw (Warszawa)
Language: Polish (Polski)
Borders: Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to the south, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine to the east and the Russian Federation (The Kalingrad District) and the Baltic Sea to the north.
Area: 312.685 km2 (120,728 sq miles)
Population: +/- 38 million
Currency: Zloty (PLN)
Timezone: GMT + 1 (April - October : GMT + 2)
Electricity: 230 Volt / 50 Hz ; continental sockets
Telephone: Countrycode : 48 (To call Poland)
Outgoing international code: 00 (To call abroad from Poland)
Pasport and Visa: A valid passport is always required for non EU citizens. EU citizens need only identity card. Nationals from most European Countries do not need a visa. Please consult your local Polish consulate.

Travel to Poland for your unforgettable memories. Discover the beauty of Poland! Visit magnificent cities: Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. Come to sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea. See sunny hills of mountain peaks, Masurian lakes and beautiful national parks. Find it in our travel guide, arrange for yourself discount hotel or hostel room at hotels reservation desk or only travel online around Poland with us.

Poland lies in the heart of Europe - the geometric centre of the continent is right here. Warsaw is not far from other European cities: Paris and London are 2 hours away by plane, Vienna and Berlin not much more than an hour. You can get here quickly by international roads and railway connections. Half a million places to stay, thousands of restaurants, hundreds of forms of leisure and entertainment - they're all waiting for visitors. Poland is a country that is safe and friendly for visitors from abroad, a statement confirmed by official international statistics. In figures concerning access to cash machines, for instance, Poland is 8th in Europe. Mobile phone networks cover 94% of the country.

You can find more or less everything in Poland: alpine mountains, wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests, world-class historic monuments, and friendly people. The climate is temperate, and the people warm and hospitable. Polish cities with a thousand-year history invite their visitors to encounters with culture, and Poland's villages and small-time towns offer the opportunity to get away from the bustle of modern life. And all this comes with a backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes, because Poland's greatest attraction is nature. Wild, untouched, more diverse than in most countries either in Europe or the world and, what's more, easily accessible. Tourists value this greatly and their number is constantly increasing.

Why Poland is a country worth to visit? Because we have:

  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Professional services
  • Orginal kitchen
  • Antiques towns
  • Magnificent mountains
  • Admirable see
  • And most of all still lowest prices

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Below we prepared for You links of websides that could be helpfull during traveling along our country.

Websides about Poland:

www.poland.gov.pl webside accessible in languages: polish, english, german, french, spanish and russian. You can find there informations about tourism, geography, history, economy, culture, scence and medias. There are too details informations about weather in different regions and about actual politics in the country.

www.polish-directory.com webside accessible only in english. There are general informations about art, education and science in Poland. On this page there are a lot of links to usefull websides connected with tourism. You can find here informations about international flightes too.

www.polandembassy.org webside accessible only in english. There are informations about country: military, culture and bisness. You can find there too interesting informations about polish economy and about posibility which open to foreigns.

www.pl-info.net webside accessible in english, nederlanden and french. You can find here general information connected with Poland: with valid currency, culture and tourism. Interesting is that there is translator to various languages, in polish too.

Websides about particular city:

www.warsawtour.pl webside accessible in polish, german, english, russian, french and spanish. On the webside there are the most important things about town. You can find here too attractive offers about restaurants, pubs and night clubs. There are schedule of city communication.

www.wroclaw.pl webside accessible in polish, english, german and french. There are too actual informations about events in city and tourist guide with all galleries, museums and theatres. You can find there too actual schedule of city communication.

www.krakow.pl webside accessible in polish and english. There are a lot of information connected with history of the town, interesting places, which are worth to see and information about city communication. There are actual repertory of theatres, cinemas and You can find there information about exhibiciones which are presented in museums.

www.gdansk.pl webside accessible in polish, russian, german, english and swedish. On this webside there is vade-mecum for tourists what mean the most usefull informations for visitors. You can be introduced with actual culture events and to know weather prognosis.

www.city.poznan.pl webside accessible in polish, english and german. You can find there informations about internacional events, concerts, conferences and congresses. There are too actual calendar of cultural events and You can find there usefull informations about city communication.

www.torun.pl webside accessible in polish, english and german. There are too a lot of details about places worth to see. You can find here important informations connected with history of town, entertainment and cultural events.

www.zakopane.pl webside accessible in english, german, french, russian and hungarian. On this webside there are information connected with town: about maps, touristics bases and actual information about mountain routes. There are too calendar of cultural events, photo gallery and actual informations about events importants for town Zakopane.

www.zamosc.pl accessible in polish, german and english. On this webside there are a lot of informations about history of town- this old one and contemporary. You can find there too calendar of proximate cultural events, You can see rich galery of photos and find necessary informations connected with communication in town.

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