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Kudowa Zdrój (dolnośląskie)

Descriptión de Kudowa Zdrój

Resevation of hotels in Kudowa Zdroj. Here you can reserve good hotel in Kudowa Zdroj situated in city centrum. Kudowa Zdroj heatlh resort - tourist city counts about 11 000 inhabitants in south- western Poland in dolnoslaskie province in klodzka community. Kudowa is situated in valley on southern slopes of Gor Stolowych on 370m to 420 m altitude under stream Bystry which throught Metuja river falls into Laba river. Location of Kudowa Zdroj on southern slopes entails that the climate is more soft than in the cities which are situated in Kotlina Klodzka from which is insulated by pass Polskie Wrota. City is situated by international road E67 (DK 8) Wroc³aw- Prague. It possesses two borders crossing on the border with Czech- motoring in quarter of Kudowa Slone and pedestrian in quater of Czermna. In XVII age they discovered here curative springs about diverse chemistry. In 1636 originates first bathing devices. In the middle of XIX age Kudowa Zdroj became recognized for the first cardiologic health resort in Germany. Additional impulse for development of city like spa caused opening railway line in 1905. By 1945 city had German name Bad Kudowa. In 1945 it gained civic rights.

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