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Legnica (dolnośląskie)

Descriptión de Legnica

Reservation of hotels in Legnica. Hotel Rezydencja in Legnice is situated in city centrum. Easy online reservation of hotel in Legnica. Legnica - one of the largest urban centres in Lower Silesia, located on the Kaczawa River. It is known for its steelworks, the piano factory and electro technical industry. Prior to 1000 a fortified city had existed here. In the vicinity of the city, on the so-called Legnica Field a successful battle against the Tatars took place in 1242. Since 1248 Legnica had been the duchy capital until the death of the last prince Jerry William (1675 r.) the Piasts had resided here. In 1945 a major part of the buildings was damaged. Some monuments were rebuilt. In the centre of the market the baroque city hall, surrounded with so-called herring houses of approximately 1570. Among the market tenements we should pay our attention to the house pod Przepiórczym Koszem (the Quail Basket's) with a beautifully decorated façade and a balcony. In St. Peter and St. Paul's church dating back to the14th century, rebuilt in the 19th century gothic portals and sculptures, as well as the pulpit and Prince Waclaw of Legnica's sarcophagus. A rebuilt former parish school with a renaissance portal. The castle of the 18th century rebuilt in the renaissance style. Our attention is subsequently drawn to the gateway decorated with the busts of the Legnica Piasts. In St Jan's church dating back to the first half of the 18th century a chapel - prince mausoleum. In its baroque interior a valuable polychromy. The District Museum of Copper in the former Abbots' castle of the 18th century. One of the oldest city temples is St Mary's gothic three-aisle church with the former Convent of Benedictines. In the city centre a beautiful park with numerous specimen of old trees.

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