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Łomża (podlaskie)

Descriptión de Łomża

Onine reservation o hotels in Lomza. Hotel Gromada in centrum of Lomza. Lomza - a cultural centre of northern Mazovia. The city is picturesquely situated on a canoe route of the Narew river. The original settlement existed here as early as around 1000 in the area of the present Old Lomza (5 km from the city). After the Tartar invasion in 1241 a city was established in the present place. Due to the war operations the major part of the buildings crumbled into ruin. After the war arcaded tenements close to the market-place were restored. A precious monument is a cathedral of the 16th century in the gothic and renaissance style. Its oldest part is currently a presbytery, a former gothic chapel of 1440. The following churches date back to the 18th century: the Jesuit and the Capuchin ones. Let us also visit a museum with a huge department of the Kurpie folk art and a collection of ambers and articles of ambers.

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