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Poznań (wielkopolskie)

Descriptión de Poznań

Find a hotel in Poznan today! Below we’ve displayed a selection of available hotels in Poznan. Looking for a cheap hotel in Poznan? Easily compare prices of the different hotels in Poznan here. You can find a luxury hotel in Poznan as well as a budget hotel in Poznan. Most hotels in Poznan are located in or near the city center. The majority of hotels in Poznan offer conference facilities. Please be aware that hotels in Poznan are quickly full for days of International Poznan Fairs. Poznan and Gniezno are connected by the tourist trail known as the Piast Route, along which we can bear witness to the distant past of the region, e.g. Lake Lednica with the remains of a settlement dating from the 9th and 10th centuries, where, according to the legend, the first Polish King to be crowned. The tombs of Boleslaw and his father, Duke Mieszko, are situated in the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Poznan. The first cathedral was romanesque in style but nowadays this imposing building's outline and walls are gothic. Apart from the cathedral, the most precious building in Poznan is the 16th century renaissance Town Hall in the Old Square. It is surrounded by old merchant houses which were carefully restored after World War II.

Prices on our website don’t take into account changes of price list in the time of International Poznan Fairs. To reserve a hotel in this time we request of direct contact with our office, tel. 00 48 71-343-7-343. We apologize for all obstructions.

Hoteles en Poznań

hoteles Estándar Posición Precio ( / PLN)
Hotel Mercure Poznań Centro134 €
Hotel Vivaldi Poznań Centro100 €
Hotel Novotel Malta Poznań Muy cerca del centro98 €
Motel Onyks 30 km from the city centre35 €
Hotel Gromada Poznań 10 minutos del centro0 €


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