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Ustronie Morskie (zachodnio-pomorskie)

Descriptión de Ustronie Morskie

Reservation of hotels in Ustronie Morskie. Best otel in Ustronie Morskie - easy online reservation. Community Ustronie Morskie is situated in middle-nouthern part of zachodniopomorskie province under 10km of Baltic coast, in 13km way from Kolobrzeg. Ustronie Morskie is one of the most beautil tourist surface of Polish seaside of Baltic. On the sea coat in boundaries of community there are 120 holiday object like: hotels, boardig houses, sanatoriums, camps, camping sites, private quarters, rooms with the farmers at the agro-touristic homestead. Part of homes for rest we use during the all year since autumn to spring and we oganize green-schools, winter resorts, remedial periods and in the summer holiday camps and sports camps. As a watering-place Ustronie Morskie starts to be famous at the beginning of XX age. In one year after Second World War in 1946 Ustronie Morskie for the first time received visitors of a health resort and holiday makers. Currently at the high season each summer day on the area of community rest 25 000 persons. The landscape of community creates hilly plain with big areas of forests, meadows and fertile soils. The most precious natural virtue of community is her location; diversified seacost slopes sometimes here steep cliffly bluff to beautiful, sandy beach. On the area of community there are exist diversified possibilities of spending free time. You can take bathe or sunbathe, practise water sports, coastal fishing, hippic. The big atraction compose two piers which indent on over 100m into the sea.

Hoteles en Ustronie Morskie

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Hotel Wodnik Centro0 €
Hotel Erania Cerca del mar0 €
Hotel Lambert Centro0 €


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