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Гдыня (pomorskie)

Описание Гдыня

Reservation of hotel in Gdynia. Best hotels in Gdynia, hotel Faltom and Wille Lubicz. Easy reservation by internet. Gdynia is a young, but quickly expanding harbor city situated just at the seashore, offering many tourist attractions as well as splendid shopping opportunities and a lot of entertainment. The city was founded as a Polish harbor in 1926. Because of its unusual location, you will easily catch great views of the sea and beautiful scenery, and also find long stroll sidewalks, beautiful waterfronts, marinas and yacht clubs. Gdynia is the only city in Poland and one of the few in Europe to pride on such a long and accessible seashore.

Отели в Гдыня

Отель Стандарт Положение Цена ( / PLN)
Hotel Faltom 8 км от центра0 €
Willa Lubicz Около моря0 €


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