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Катовице (śląskie)

Описание Катовице

Reservation of hotels in Karowice. We propose hotels in city centrum, hotel Diament and hotel Senator and hotel Zaleze. Easy online reservation. Katowice is the capital of the administrative and local government region called Silesian Voivodship since 1999, and previously capital of Katowice Voivodship. Katowice is the main city of the Upper Silesian Industrial Area. During 1953-1956 Katowice was named Stalinogród, which was an homage to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, given by the totalitarian, communist authorities of Poland. This city is known by the building called "Spodek", whose name translates as the 'saucer', from its distinctive shape resembling a UFO flying saucer.

Отели в Катовице

Отель Стандарт Положение Цена ( / PLN)
Hotel Załęże Около центра0 €
Hotel Katowice Центр46 €
Hotel Senator Около центра55 €
Hotel Diament Центр77 €


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