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Казимеж Дольны (lubelskie)

Описание Казимеж Дольны

Reservation of hotels in Kazimierz Dolny. Cheap hotels in Kazimierz situated in city centre. Kazimierz Dolny - the city of artists, renaissance and loess ravines, picturesquely situated on the Vistula River. Kazimierz owes its development and economic powers in the previous centuries to King Casimir the Great. Conveniently located near transport trails, the city developed due to grain trade. At the access road from the direction of Pulawy there still stand renaissance granaries. St Nicolas, St Christopher renaissance tenement houses as well as the Celejowska one with rich artistic elevation decoration. The spacious panorama of the city can be admired from Trzykrzyska Mountain. It is here that the ruins of the Kazimierz castle and a donjon of the 14th century soar. The specific colour of narrow streets and lanes have interested painters, writers, men of letters and other representatives of culture in Kazimierz for years. The gothic and renaissance parish church was erected in the 14th century and rebuilt - in the 17th century. Our attention focuses on the richly decorated temple summit and the chapels, founded by the local burghers, among others the Borkowski and the Górski Families, decorated with mouldings with renaissance epitaphs. The organs of the 17th century. St Ann's church of 18th century with its lump reminds of the parish church. Situated on a hill, the Reformers' church and monastery of the 16th century. In the city art galleries and the Vistula River museums: Nadwislanskie, the Art of Gold-Work Museum and the Natural Museum. On the other side of the Vistula - Janowiec with the restored ruins of the Firley family castle of 16th century. In the summer season a ferry sails across the Vistula. Popular hiking routes lead through the area of the Kazimierz Landscape Park, among loess ravines and also in the direction of the village of Bochotnica where the ruins of the Esterka gothic castle managed to survive until today. Worth visiting - the Parish Church. The renaissance tenements of the Przybyla Family. The castle ruins in Janowiec.

Отели в Казимеж Дольны

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Hotel Murka 29 €
Hotel Spichlerz Центр33 €


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